Sophia Jennings (b. San Francisco, CA) is a tv writer and essayist. She currently writes Making a Scene, a Substack about the writing process. 

Sophia is the former writer’s assistant to Justin-Britt Gibson (COUNTERPART), whom she assisted on the UNT. DAMON LINDELOF STAR WARS feature for Lucasfilm. She previously led content for Jameela Jamil’s I Weigh media brand. Sophia began her career interviewing artists for Rolling Stone, before working in scripted development for a Scooter Braun x BBH production company start-up in LA.

On the brand side, Sophia has written for companies such as Meta, Runway, and Masterclass. She currently works on special projects for The Period Company, founded by Hollywood stylist Karla Welch and British marketing creative Sasha Markova.

Sophia studied sketch comedy at the Soho Theatre Young Company in London and is a graduate of Wesleyan University’s English Department. 

She continues to split her time between London, and Los Angeles.

to get in touch - 

Rachel Mann @ CAA for books (UK)

Joan Rodriguez @ Media Talent Group for tv/film (US)


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